Playlist AIIWIW

The title As It Is When It Was is a New Order song from their album Brotherhood.  It sums up elements from each of the characters in the story, characters not quite grown up yet, wanting to be heard, questioning friendships and having a romantic view of love. This is what sprung to my mind when I listened to the song.  Others might arrive at very differing conclusions.  But that’s the beauty of (good) music – it’s open to interpretation.

The story is in three parts, set over the last three terms of a final degree course.  As such, three New Order albums inspire the mood for the narrative. If you don’t know these songs I strongly advise you to listen to them, not least as they are from one of the UK’s most influential bands. The songs remind me of carefree student days, of not knowing who to trust and realising that the world is a complicated and sometimes loathsome place.

Power, Corruption & Lies
Age of Consent
We All Stand
The Village
Your Silent Face
Leave Me Alone
Love Vigilantes
The Perfect Kiss
This Time Of Night
Sooner Than You Think
Face Up
Broken Promise
Way Of Life
Bizarre Love Triangle
All Day Long
Angel Dust
Every Little Counts
State Of The Nation