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“Went for scan results thinking good news but oh, so, so, so wrong.  I will not be cured.  I asked the dreaded question and the honest answer came back.  It could be six months; it could be eighteen months.  I want time and that’s something I can’t control.”

This is an inspirational true story about an extraordinary woman who was a primary school teacher, wife and mother with a fabulous smile and a lust for life.

There are many amazing people in this world.  There are many people who have been affected by cancer.  Fiona Crompton’s story tells of the power of family, friendship and positive thought.  Inside gossip on what it’s like to be on the BBC’s What Not To Wear programme is also included!  Fi also appeared on the Cancer Research UK TV campaign in 2009 – just two months before she died.  She walked a half marathon, Walk The Walk‘s MoonWalk, on chemotherapy, in agony and loving it.  All proceeds from the book went to these two charities, with a total of £3000 raised.

Though many may find the subject matter difficult to read about, many have found that sharing an experience, particularly a tough one, is good for all of us. The book promises to make you laugh and smile as well as moving you to tears. Fi found the strength to remain positive and happy. Knowing her had the same effect. Everyone reading her story experienced this ‘Fi Effect’ too. Read about it on BjG’s Facebook page.

“Unflinchingly honest.  Couldn’t have found a better person to get the message out to women that you can recover your self-confidence.”      Ceri Rowlands Producer/Director of What Not To Wear After A Mastectomy

Fi with Nina, founder of WTW

Fi with Nina

“Fiona represents everything that Walk the Walk stands for: courage, strength,compassion, energy, optimism, determination and fun.  A truly extraordinary woman.”     Nina Barough CBE, Founder and CEO of Walk the Walk

Fi as poster girl for CRUK 2009.  (far right, 2nd last line)

Fi as poster girl for CRUK 2009.
(far right, 2nd last line)

“She (Fi) was a remarkable young woman and must have been such an inspiration to so many people with her courage and cheerfulness in adversity. You must be proud to call her friend. Thank you for your donation which will help further the research programme.”
Mary from Cancer Research UK