Writer’s Blocked

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.  DSCF1273Haven’t blogged since my enlightening trip to the London Book Fair eight months ago.  I haven’t written anything for my writer’s course, haven’t downloaded my ebook on Amazon, haven’t started my new novel based on the songs of Lloyd Cole, haven’t marketed my novella on social media in the slightest, haven’t sold any further copies of it at my local record shop and haven’t bothered with putting a Paypal button on this very website to encourage a purchase of As It Is When It Was.

My head has truly been in the sand.

But while it was there, it was distracted by a shiny new pursuit.  I have started up a business with a friend.  We became a limited company in April.  We have spent all this time in product research and development, attending trade fairs and networking. I am not going to reveal what the business is, but as Creative Director, I came up with the name, which true to my author quirk, is named after a song by Japan.  And also a film by Dirk Bogarde. My influences are still strong with this one.  As we evolve, and when we launch next year, I will provide links to our not-yet-born website, Instagram and Facebook and you will find out more.

My writer’s block wasn’t total.  I have begun to stash away a steady stream of blogs for our little business, creating a character that will capture people’s imagination and create a bond to our brand.

Things will start to get busier.  I will have even less time to write or market my novel.  Perhaps As It Is When It Was is the book that Is but Wasn’t.  But the people who have actually read it have been positive.  A complete stranger on Instagram said it was ‘enjoyable’.  One review states: “a great read: will resonate loudly with anyone who has ever shared a house with random strangers (who later become friends). Lots of escapades in a compact and interesting story! Hope others discover and enjoy it too.” It even made it to a Book Club where “Everyone loved it. Made for a lot of conversation about being that age from people who had been to Uni and those that hadn’t.  As a few of us have kids in Uni, it gave another perspective – hope they do/don’t do what we did. All said ‘when’s the next book out?’ ”

I really, really, honestly hope to get another book out. Truly I do.  I will go so far as to state emphatically that yes I will write another book. The muse is still in me. But if you’d like to read the ones I’ve already written then contact me.  Or check out my author Facebook and Instagram to keep in touch (I’m on Twitter too but I honestly do not understand what the point of it is if you aren’t a celeb?!).  I always said I was a Blue Moon Blogger – this instalment is the last one of four since 2015 and may be the last for this website too. (Quality not Quantity?!)

Let’s see where 2018 takes me.


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